Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I made one....

or two...okay four. Did you? The DIY Dish just recently had their first show and these darling birthday cake pin cushions are what they made. I loved how my first one turned out so well I made a few more as gifts and I have already thought of a few more people I would like to give them to.... so I will be making more.A couple of close-ups.
So again my question is did you make yours, I made mine?

And if you did leave a blog address so we can come and take a look.


  1. I didn't make one, but you've certainly inspired me. Very, very cute!

  2. those are really adorable. You have me salivating over what you may be whipping up for your give-away. I'll have to follow. You are very talented, honey.

    Spring Blessings!!